Welcome to Naatya Graha

Suchitra popular among Malayalam movie audience for her endearing girl next door, bold intelligent outspoken, as well as smart witty heroine characters she depicted on her various silver screen appearances.

This multi-faceted Artiste is a trained Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi dancer and Singer. She has spent years learning these different art forms even as she nurtured the ambition of becoming an Actress.

Suchitra’s Passion for Bhartnatyam stems from its spirituality, its intricate beauty and grace, Her work reflects a high level quality and dedication to the pure art form. By combining her devotion to the dance with her stay in U.S, she hopes to bridge the cultural boundaries and present Bharatanatyam in a clear Manner.

Through ’Naatya Graha Dance Academy’, she plans to impart her knowledge, instill the necessary discipline and train the students to achieve their full potential in their dance performances. It’s in dance with all purity that she finds her soul soaring high into the unknown and the sublime realms of creativity and happiness.

As an Actress

Suchitra, popular among Malayalam Movie Audience for her endearing nice girl next door, bold intelligent outspoken characters depicted on her various silver screen apperences....

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As a Dancer

Suchitra, started training in Bhartnatyam at very early age, way before she took to acting under the strict guidance of Guru V.Mythili as well as Smt.Lekhs Jose....

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